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Recap for Assembly Meeting - September 5, 2023

Central Student Government's Assembly met on Tuesday, September 5th at 7:30 p.m. in the Wolverine Room of the Michigan Union. You can find the recap here.

  1. Call to Order: 7:42 PM

  2. Nominations

    1. Nomination of Abigail Peacock, Elections Director CONFIRMED

    2. Nomination of Joyce Zhu, SOFC Vice Chair CONFIRMED

    3. Nomination of Noor Alchalabi, Deputy Elections Commissioner for Events and Outreach CONFIRMED

    4. Nomination of Daphne Welter, WCG Vice Chair CONFIRMED

  3. Introductions

    1. AR 13-014: The Fall 2023 CSG Consolidated Budget Act REFERRED BACK

  4. Business

    1. AR 13-011: Monthly Resolution Workshops REFERRED BACK (15-5-7)

    2. AR 13-012: Elections Code Clarifications Act POSTPONED ONE WEEK

    3. LDA Motion SS04: Assembly on the Diag PASSED (17-5-5)

  5. Closing & Adjournment: 10:04 PM

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