Student Organization Committee

The Student Organization Committee (SOC) oversees the Central Student Government's work in providing financial assistance and appropriating funds to student organizations across campus. The SOC is made up of the Student Organization Funding Committee and Wolverine Consulting Group.

Student Organization Funding?

The Student Organization Funding Committee (SOFC) is the organization which appropriates funding to recognized student organizations. SOFC considers funding requests for student organizations and their events, activities, and initiatives under the guidelines. SOFC distributes funds to student organizations upon reception of receipts.

Student Organization start-up costs?

Wolverine Consulting Group (WCG) provides consulting services and start-up funds for student organizations on campus. By working constructively with student organizations, WCG's mission is to aid these groups in achieving their full potential. WCG allocates funds directly to organizations on a non-reimbursement basis, as start-up costs and for extraordinary circumstances when disbursement upon reception of receipts is not possible.

Need something else?

If you can't find what you're looking for here, or are having any issues with CSG student organization related services, or just want to talk about student organizations at the University of Michigan, we want to speak with you! 

Email the Student Organization Committee Director at with any questions, comments, or concerns you might have about CSG or the University in general, or to set up a meeting.