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Scholarships and Other Programs

Operation Graduation

CSG's programming team is continuing the very popular Operation Graduation Program. Promoting accessibility and sustainability, this program works in two parts. In addition to handing out free grad gowns, each semester we collect pre-owned bachelors and masters gowns to redistribute to upcoming graduates. If you would like to donate a used gown, please drop off your graduation gown at the CSG Office (3rd floor of the Union) during office hours (Mon-Fri, 9AM-5PM). Let's help everyone celebrate their special day with a special gown!

For more information, email

Leadership Engagement Scholarship

The Leadership Engagement Scholarship is awarded to students who are actively involved in one or multiple student organizations and dedicate immense time, effort, and energy to their respective organization(s). By providing a stipend to students who devote countless hours and demonstrate a passion for their student organization, CSG encourages said students to continue their involvement without having to worry about balancing work as well. Instead, the work that they do for their student organization serves as their job, and they are able to be compensated. This is a need-based scholarship that CSG is hoping to award to more students, as our previous round of selection saw far more impressive applicants than we were able to reward as scholarship recipients.

For more information, email

Disability Advocacy

Disability advocacy is an initiative that CSG takes incredibly seriously; thus, this Giving Blueday, we are hoping to award students who are heavily involved in Disability Advocacy scholarships to help support them in their future endeavors as they work to make our community a more equitable place for individuals with disabilities. In November, we were able to award two very passionate students scholarships for their extensive work in this service area, and CSG is hoping to expand the funds in order to award more scholarships to empowering advocates.

For more information, email

News Subscriptions

Central Student Government is pleased to offer subscriptions to both The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times (including the Cooking and Games add-ons!) to all students. Unlike other methods of access, with your individual account, you can access or and the mobile apps, after only needing to verify your student status once, and you don’t need to be on campus or on the VPN to read the news. Follow this link to sign up!

Calculator/iClicker Rentals and Green Books

Free green books are available at the CSG office for University of Michigan students. Also offered by the Central Student Government are free calculator and iClicker rentals to those currently enrolled at the University of Michigan. Both TI-84 graphing calculators and TI-30X scientific calculators are available at the CSG Office located in suite 3011 of the Michigan Union.


Student organizations may utilize the Central Student Government office as a mailing location on campus.  For more information, contact our office staff at

CSG Airbus

Central Student Government offers a shuttle between three stops on campus and DTW. For more information, please visit the CSG Airbus Page here.

Student Resource Guide

The University has many mental health and wellbeing, sexual misconduct prevention, academic, accessibility, and anti-racism resources. These resources are available to provide students with help and allow them to thrive in a new academic and social environment. Central Student Government has put together a coherent list of the available programs and services on campus linked here.

Calm App Subscriptions

Central Student Government is pleased to offer 2000 subscriptions to the Calm Meditation App.  If selected, you will be contacted by the Central Student Government Office staff with your code for registration.

The Calm App is currently at maximum subscriptions (1/5/2023). We apologize for any inconvenience. 

If you have any questions, please contact

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