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10th Assembly
2020 - 2021


Speaker: Carla Voigt

Vice Speaker: Ashton Doyle


  • Rules Committee​​

    • Chair: Siddharth Singh​

    • Vice Chair: Marwan Bazzi

  • ​Resolutions Committee​

    • Chair: Liam Walsh

    • Vice Chair: Shub Argha

  • Communications Committee

    • Chair: Jack Pasquella

    • Vice Chair: Jeein Shim

  • Finance Committee

    • Chair: Hayden Jackson

    • Vice Chair: Damian Chessare

  • Executive Nominations Committee

    • Chair: Sam Burnstein

    • Vice Chair: Samantha Meister

  • Ethics Committee

    • Chair: David Shinabarger

    • Vice Chair: Addey Ojo

Vice Director of Student Organization Committee - Matthew Jaysen

Students of Michigan Legislative Delegate - Annie Mintun

SMPSEC Steering Committee Member - Lily Alexander

SMPSEC Steering Committee Member - Emma Sandberg

SMPSEC Steering Committee Member - Ruby Yearling

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