10th Assembly



The Central Student Government Assembly consists of Representatives from across all 19 of the University’s schools and colleges. They are led by a Speaker and Vice Speaker, and meet at the times listed on this page. By rule, Assembly attendance and absence excuse information are available upon requests emailed to csg.speakers@umich.edu.

Speaker: Carla Voigt
Vice Speaker: Ashton Doyle



Rules Committee
The Rules Committee writes and reviews legislation concerning rules and elections within the Central Student Government.

  • Chair: Siddharth Singh

  • Vice Chair: Marwan Bazzi


Resolutions Committee
The Resolutions Committee writes and reviews legislation that does not get referred to other committees. New legislation often originates in the Resolutions Committee.

  • Chair: Liam Walsh

  • Vice Chair: Shub Argha


Communications Committee
The Communications Committee writes and reviews legislation that requires communication either within CSG or from CSG to the student body. The Communications Committee fosters communication between the different branches of CSG, and works closely with the Communications Commission to promote CSG sponsored events to the student body.

  • Chair: Jack Pasquella

  • Vice Chair: Jeein Shim


Finance Committee
The Finance Committee writes and reviews legislation that requires the expenditure of CSG funds. The Finance Committee also works closely with the CSG Treasurer in putting together the semester budget.

  • Chair: Hayden Jackson

  • Vice Chair: Damian Chessare


Executive Nominations Committee
Meets as needed.

The Executive Nominations Committee evaluates all nominations from the Executives for Commission Chair positions or appointments to campus-wide committees. The Executive Nominations Committee vets the nominees and renders a recommendation on the appointment, which is then presented to the Assembly. Up to 5 members of the Assembly may serve on the Executive Nominations Committee, including the Chair and Vice Chair.

  • Chair: Sam Burnstein

  • Vice Chair: Samantha Meister


Ethics Committee
Meets as needed.

The Ethics Committee investigates any potential ethical violations within the Central Student Government. The Ethics Committee may recommend removal or recall of a member of the Central Student Government to the Assembly if it deems an ethical violation has occurred.

  • Chair: David Shinabarger

  • Vice Chair: Addey Ojo

Vice Director of Student Organization Committee - Matthew Jaysen

Students of Michigan Legislative Delegate - Annie Mintun

Election of the SMPSEC Steering Committee Member - Lily Alexander

Election of the SMPSEC Steering Committee Member - Emma Sandberg

Election of the SMPSEC Steering Committee Member - Ruby Yearling



If you are interested in addressing the CSG Assembly, you can sign up for Community Concerns. Each speaker recognized is provided 3 minutes to talk about any topic. Currently enrolled students receive preference in speaking order during community concerns, followed by others possessing currently valid University IDs, then alumni of the University, and all others wishing to address the Assembly. The total time for all Community Concerns is 30 minutes. 

If you have any questions about Assembly please email csg.contact@umich.edu.