The central student legislature consists of a Student Assembly and a University Council.


The Assembly

Composed of 45 voting representatives elected from among the students every year according to their degree-granting units, as defined by the Board of Regents. These seats are apportioned between the degree-granting units using the Huntington-Hill method, with enrollments determined by the average of the most recent Winter Term and Fall Term enrollments for each unit, and each unit receiving at least one representative.

There are additionally five additional ex-officio representatives of the Assembly - one first-year undergraduate student, one first-year graduate student, one non-traditional student, one international student, and one transfer student. These representatives shall be selected by a method determined by the Assembly.

The Assembly Representatives are elected in the March election for a one year term. The Assembly shall meet at least weekly during the academic year. 

The University Council

Composed of the Central Student Government Vice President, one Councilor from each school/college student government, and one Councilor from the Residence Hall Association. Any student organization may apply for a non-voting ex-officio seat on the Council.


The University Council serves to facilitate open communication and collaboration between the various student governments across the university. 

Summer Assembly

During the Spring and Summer terms of the University, the funding operations of the Central Student Government are condensed into, and operate as, the Summer Assembly.

The Summer Assembly meets every other week for the duration of the Spring and Summer terms unless the Chair deems it appropriate to end the Summer Assembly (typically when the budget has been completely utilized).