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Executive Committee

Zimmerman-Hillman Administration

Central Student Government elected officials represent the voting student body in a myriad of ways. This page focuses on the Executive Committee of the Zimmerman-Hillman Administration, as well as their priorities.

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Hail to the Victors Plan

To set in motion the advancement of student goals, the administration set a list of priorities to base policy and programmatic initiatives off. The Zimmerman-Hillman administration is based on the core values of instituting pragmatic policies while serving as the voice of the students. To encapsulate the efforts of these priorities, this set is titled the "Hail to the Victors Plan."

Sexual Misconduct Prevention

Providing education for sexual misconduct prevention is essential now more than ever. In addressing years of harm done to our students and community, we must advocate for institutional changes to our University’s support system for survivors and processes for reporting incidences of sexual misconduct.

Community of Wolverines

As we transition to a new President of the University and navigate a challenging political and social climate, it is vital to build trust among students and emphasize the Wolverine community. A major way to address these issues is through mental health and wellbeing programming allowing students to access resources and engage in meaningful discourse.

Streamlining Services

Currently, many resources that CSG provides were intended to be pilot programs to be later integrated into the University at large. We would like to work with key administrators on finding ways to collaborate with departments and integrate our programming into permanent service offerings.

Lowering Barriers to Accessibility

Students with disabilities must be treated with dignity and equal respect in all aspects of student life. We want to create a culture of accessibility not just physically, but also intellectually, acknowledging the areas that are deficit of equal opportunity.

Advancing Anti-Racism

Our University promises that every Michigan student has an equal opportunity to succeed, yet systemic racism and barriers to success persist. The Zimmerman-Hillman administration hopes to bolster the Student Org anti-racism fund, work on orientation curriculum, and reinforcing DEI at the highest levels of the University administration.

Building a Sustainable Campus

The Zimmerman-Hillman administration will take action to address the climate crisis and work to lower our carbon footprint on campus. To meet the demands of our students and Earth, the administration will use a two-pronged approach to achieve our goals. First, we will develop comprehensive research and create recommendations for both CSG and the University. Second, we will take actionable steps by providing services and education to the student body on how they can live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Creating an Affordable Michigan

As the cost of living in Ann Arbor continues to rise, it is critical that our University provides support to all Wolverines. The Zimmerman-Hillman administration will inform students about affordable options and educate the student body on Ann Arbor housing policies and related affordability issues.

Executive Committee Members

President: Noah Zimmerman

Vice President: Jacqueline Hillman

Chief of Staff: Meera Herle

Deputy Chief of Staff: Juliette Quenioux

Speaker of Assembly: Karthik Pasupula

Chief Programming Officer: Bipasha Ray

Treasurer: Thomas O'Heney

Student General Counsel: Tyler Watt

Communications Director: Kareem Rifai

Deputy Communications Director: Andrew Ky

Coalition Engagement Director: Peter Tam

Government Relations Coordinator: Akhila Mullapudi

Policy & Commission Team Members

Special Advisor to the President in Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy - Terra Lafreniere

Policy Advisor to the President on Affordability - Sean Rositano

Special Advisor to the President on Accessibility Policy - Alisya Solankhi

Special Advisor to the President on Anti-Racism Policy - Eesha Acharya

Chair of the Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Survivor Empowerment Commission - Gwen Tatara

Chair of Academic Affairs Commission - Hailey Hartz

Programming Board Member - Ruby Alseikhan

Greek Life Liaison - Lauren Bleyer

Disability Advocacy Liaison - Dhanya Sethuraman

Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Survivor Empowerment Commission Member - Brooke Liberto

Student Organization Committee

Student Organization Committee Director - Hayden Jackson

Student Organization Committee Assistant Director - Drishaan Jain

Student Organization Funding Committee Chair - Ayden Makar

Student Organization Funding Committee Vice Chair - Noah Rich

Student Organization Funding Committee Vice Chair - Joyce Zhu

Wolverine Consulting Group Chair - Ayodele Ojo

Wolverine Consulting Group Vice Chair - Lindey Azu

Executive Orders

  • 12-001 - Establishing the Clean Campus Coalition

  • 12-002 - Establishing the Academic Affairs Commission

  • 12-003 - Establishing the DEI Commission 

  • 12-004 - Establishing the SAINTS Advisory Board

  • 12-005 - An Executive Order to Appoint Executive Committee Members to Allow the Full Function of the Executive Team

  • 12-006 - An Executive Order to Establish a Commission Researching Programming Initiatives for the Central Student Government 

  • 12-007 - An Executive Order to Establish a Set of Goals and Priorities for the Zimmerman-Hillman Administration

  • 12-008 - An Executive Order to Establish Funding Criteria and Guidelines for the Executive Discretionary Fund

  • 12-009 - An Executive Order to Establish a Commission Researching Coalition Engagement

  • 12-010 - An Executive Order to Rescind Executive Order 12-008

  • 12-011 - An Executive Order to Establish Communications and Funding Criteria and Guidelines for the Executive Committee

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