We are currently closed to new applications until winter semester. We are currently reviewing wave 9 appeals. ALL proof of payment for ALL tickets is due December 14and we cannot extend this date. Add your proof of payment to your ticket.

Happy holidays and see you in the new year!

Winter 2022 Schedule

W22 schedule.png

all deadlines are at 5:00PM EST

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Check out our knowledge base for help with many common funding issues, especially proof of payment.

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Come to office hours!

Visit one of our Chairs during their virtual drop-in office hours to ask questions or get an overview of our process and policies.

  • Head Chair Chloe Halprin:

    • Wednesdays 4:00-5:00 pm​

    • Thursdays 11:00am-12:00pm

  • Vice-Chair Divya Periakaruppan:

    • Mondays 4:30-5:30pm​

  • Vice-Chair Josh Burg

    • Fridays 8:00-9:00am


Meet the Leadership Team

chloe halprin

Chloe Halprin

Head Chair
Chloe is a senior from Huntington Woods, Michigan, double-majoring in English and Spanish with a minor in Law, Justice, and Social Change. She is passionate about utilizing the power of funding to further DEI efforts on campus and in the greater Ann Arbor community. Chloe enjoys embroidering and drinking more coffee than she should. 

Ayden Makar

Ayden is a sophomore intending on studying either Public Policy or Political Science on the pre-law track. He is an active member of Professional Greek Life and enjoys spending time with friends, reading thriller novels, and kayaking.

Divya Periakaruppan

Divya is a junior from Plymouth, Minnesota hoping to major in public policy. She is passionate about providing student organizations with the resources they need to create their own community within the Michigan campus.

Josh Burg

Josh is a senior studying Economics, History, and Political Science at Michigan. Outside of SOFC, he is an active member of Model UN, and has been trying to learn chess during lockdown. Additionally, he is a huge fan of classic rock and jazz, but is willing to listen to almost anything.

Joyce Zhu

Joyce is a sophomore from Hong Kong looking to major in Mathematics and minor in Economics. She is passionate about giving the student organizations around campus the resources they need to host events and have a positive impact on the campus community. When she has time, she enjoys drawing and swimming.