Wolverine Consulting Group

What is WCG?

Wolverine Consulting Group provides consulting services and start-up funds for student organizations on campus. Our mission is to aid these groups in achieving their full potential by offering consulting in a couple of broad areas (that we hope to continue to expand) such as finance and fundraising, leadership and organizational structure, and marketing and brand management. WCG allocates funds directly to organizations on a non-reimbursement basis, as start-up costs and for extraordinary circumstances when it is not practical to wait for reimbursement.


Are you a new organization seeking funding?

If you or someone you know has started a new organization in the past 2 years or are interested in starting one, WCG would love to connect with you and help your organization with start-up funds. If you or your organizations are seeking funding from Wolverine Consulting Group, sign up for a consultation here!

We are always here to help new organizations with marketing, leadership structure, and more! For funding application process and WCG services, click here.

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