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Wolverine Consulting Group

What is WCG?

Wolverine Consulting Group provides consulting services for all student organizations and start-up funds for newly created student organizations on campus. Our mission is to aid these groups in achieving their full potential by offering consulting in a couple of broad areas such as finance and fundraising, leadership and organizational structure, and marketing and brand management. WCG allocates funds directly to organizations on a non-reimbursement basis, as start-up costs and for extraordinary circumstances when it is not practical to wait for reimbursement.

New organization seeking funding?

If you or someone you know has started a new organization in the past year or are interested in starting one, WCG would love to connect with you and help your organization with start-up funds. If you or your organizations are seeking funding from Wolverine Consulting Group, sign up for a consultation below!

Interested in joining WCG?

WCG is actively recruiting, so if you or someone you know is interested in being part of a consulting club that is fun and has an average time commitment of 1.5 hours per week, please email for more information!

Office Hours

For any questions about the funding process

Schedule a Consultation

To receive the funding application form, which is required before requesting funding or consulting services

*Funding for WN 24 semester has ended. For info about Summer 24 funding, please email


Meet with Us

First student orgs need to schedule a consultation with WCG. During these consultations, we would want to get to know your student organization better and understand all your needs for the upcoming year.

Award Transfer

Once your organization gets approved funding, you must sign a funding agreement form. Once the form is signed, the transferring process of your award to your SOAS account begins. The transfer isn’t instantaneous. Please allow some time before you receive your fund.

Follow Up

After the consultation, you will receive an email with resources and next steps regarding what we discussed during our meeting. If you are seeking funding, you will receive a funding request form where you list the items your fund will be used upon, their cost, and their purposes. If you seek other services at WCG, such as marketing, you will be connected with a consultant on specific tasks.

For Large Funds

Organizations that claim more than $1,000 in a semester from any source of CSG funding must complete the Community Leadership Training that we offer. Please visit for more information.


Once you filled out and returned the funding request form, the committee would review your request and decide on the approved amount of funding.


Once your organization receives funding, you will report how you spent their funds to WCG at the end of the semester in which you received the funds. You will also have an end-of-year follow up with one of our consultants.

Our Services



DEI Initiatives/Events


Room rentals/Event locations



Organizational Structure


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