Assembly Structure


Join us on Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. EST for Assembly meetings in the Wolverine Room of the Michigan Union or on Zoom.

Each degree-granting unit shall receive at least one representative on the Assembly. The remainder of the 45 elected voting representatives shall be apportioned using the Huntington-Hill method based on each unit’s enrollment.

Ex-officio members – Per the Constitution, there shall be six ex-officio representatives of the Assembly: one first-year undergraduate student, one first-year graduate student, one non-traditional student, one international student, one transfer student, and one Pell Grant eligible student.

Other Ex-officio members – The President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Student General Counsel shall be ex-officio members of the Assembly. The Assembly may grant other executive officials ex-officio status by a simple majority vote.

The Assembly shall provide for the formation and operation of committees in general within the Operating Procedures. The Assembly shall at least establish the committees to oversee Rules and Finance.

The Assembly shall meet at 7:30 p.m. every Tuesday during the Fall and Winter semesters. The Assembly shall not meet during exam and vacation periods.  A simple majority of the voting members duly elected or appointed to serve in the Assembly shall constitute a quorum to do business. Meetings are led by a Speaker and Vice Speaker, locations are listed on this page. 

Resolutions are the principal form of Assembly business. Each resolution has at least one author, who is credited for the conception and/or drafting of the resolution. Each resolution is introduced by at least one sponsoring Member, who makes an implicit motion to adopt it; unless it is from the University Council, a ballot initiative, or a referendum. A resolution cannot be withdrawn except with the permission of all Sponsoring Members. A withdrawn resolution can recommence consideration at the point in the legislative process at which it was withdrawn if one or more Members sponsor it.

Assembly Minutes
Detailed minutes from each Assembly meeting.