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Press Room

Keep up to date on the goings-on of CSG! Below you can find Press Releases, Blog Posts, and our Communications request form. 


Press Inquiries

For all Press Inquiries, please contact

Releases, Executive Orders, and Reports

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Herle Executive Orders

  • 13-001 - Establishing a Commission Researching and Facilitating Programming Initiatives for the Central Student Government

  • 13-002 - Establishing a Commission Researching Policy Within Particular Issue Areas and Serving in an Advisory Capacity to the Central Student Government President

  • 13-003 - Establishing the “Tyler R. Watt Award for Excellence in Service, Enthusiasm, and Dedication in Central Student Government”

Finance and Communications Request Forms

Finance Request Form

If you are entitled to payment or reimbursement from CSG please complete the above form. This is not to be completed regarding SOFC funding. Contact with any questions.

Communications Request Form

Please fill out the above form for any requests for communications on CSG Social Media or Newsletters. Contact with any questions.





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