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Recap for Assembly Meeting - September 20, 2022

Central Student Government’s Assembly met on Tuesday, September 20th at 7:31 p.m. in hybrid format on Zoom and in the Wolverine Room with 22 voting members present. You can find the recap here.

Consent Agenda

  • Ratify Agenda

  • Ratify Minutes from the 13th Meeting of the 12th Assembly

  • Elections, Confirmations, & Recalls

    • Confirmation of Sarah Cieslak as Ethics Committee member - CONFIRMED WITH UNANIMOUS CONSENT

Table Talks

  • National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)


Elections, Confirmations, & Recalls

  • Ms. Alisya Solankhi for the position of Senior Advisor to the President in Accessibility Policy - CONFIRMED WITH 21-0-0 VOTE

  • Ms. Akhila Mullapudi for the position of Government Relations Coordinator - CONFIRMED WITH UNANIMOUS CONSENT

New Business

  • AR 12-021: Community Concerns Improvements - REFERRED BACK TO COMMITTEES WITH UNANIMOUS CONSENT

  • AR 12-022: Independent Special Prosecutor Payment - REFERRED BACK TO COMMITTEES WITH UNANIMOUS CONSENT

  • AR 12-023: Modifying the Polling Site Requirement - REFERRED BACK TO COMMITTEES WITH UNANIMOUS CONSENT

Motions & Other Business

Adjourned at 9:45 p.m. with 21 voting members present. The Assembly will reconvene on Tuesday, September 27th at 7:30 p.m.

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