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Recap for Assembly Meeting - September 15, 2020

Central Student Government's Assembly met on September 15, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. via Zoom. The recap may be found here.

New Business:

  • AR 10-016 was referred to Rules & Finance committees


  • Finance committee report

  • Commissions finalized by the executive branch

  • Vice Speaker update on Identity Based Training

  • Student Organization Committee update

Elections, Confirmations, Recalls

All Passed by Unanimous Consent

Confirmation of Ex-Officio Appointments

  • First-year Undergraduate Student - Trey Salisbury

  • Transfer Student - Jasmine Jia

  • International Student - Vera Xing

  • Non-Traditional Student - Mathieu Noguier

  • Pell-Grant Eligible Student - Ben Dubbink

Confirmation of SOFC Vice Chair: Chloe Halprin

Recall of STAMPS Representative

Motions and Other Business

  • Budget amendment to assist the executive branch in funding necessary supplies for students living in quarantine and isolation housing.

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