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Recap for Assembly Meeting- April 21, 2020

The Central Student Government Assembly met on April 14, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. via Blue Jeans. The recap from this meeting can be found here.

The Assembly considered:

Elections, Confirmations, and Recalls:

  • Election of Ruby Yearling, Amaya Farrell, and Sam Burnstein to the Ethics Committee

  • Confirmation of Christopher Sandler as SOC Director

  • Confirmation of Miriam Chung as Chief of Staff

  • Confirmation of Austin Glass as Student General Counsel

  • Confirmation of Sujin Kim as Legislative Advisor

  • Confirmation of Lilly Heald as SOFC Chair

Old Business:

  • AR 10-001: A Directive Resolution to Authorize the Planning of CSG Sponsored and Run Graduate School Admissions Test Prep Program over Summer 2020 and Evaluate it in Fall 2020

  • AR 10-004: An Appropriations Resolution to Enact a Budget for the Operations of Central Student Government for the Spring and Summer 2020 Terms

  • AR 10-006: A Procedural Resolution to Implement a Programming Board

  • AR 10-007: A Procedural Resolution to Codify the Financial Need Fund to Encourage Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Students to Partake in CSG

  • AR 10-008: A Procedural Resolution to Better Define the Duties of Speaker and Vice-Speaker, Ensure Transparency in the Student Organizations Committee, and both Streamline Executive Appointments and Create a Method for Decision on the Requirement of Assembly Advice and Consent

  • AR 10-011: A Directive Resolution Advocating for Free University-provided Menstrual Product

  • AR 10-012: A Declarative Resolution to Sign the Washtenaw Housing Alliance’s Pledge for Affordable Housing in Washtenaw County as an Organization

Motions and Other Business:

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