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Get Involved in Central Student Government!

Welcome to Michigan!

Our names are Ben Gerstein and Isabelle Blanchard, your Central Student Government (CSG) President and Vice President for the school year. You may have met us this summer at student orientation and we wanted to be among the first to welcome you back to campus for your first year at the University of Michigan! 

CSG represents all 45,000 students of the university, including you now that you're a Wolverine! These first few weeks will give you the ability to explore everything campus has to offer, and we hope that CSG is one of the many organizations you'll explore. There are so many ways to get involved with CSG that we wanted to highlight for you!

Visit us at Festifall and Northfest!

Festifall and Northfest are a chance for you to see just how expansive the organizations at Michigan are. We certainly encourage you to take your time to see all that is offered, including CSG. We'll be there to introduce ourselves and what we do, how you can get involved, and gauge what you want to see happen on campus!

Apply to our Internship Program!

The internship program is designed specifically to allow first-year students to work directly with the Executive Committee (President, Vice President, Communications, Policy Advisors, Executive Diversity Officer, etc.). Students will get the chance to get hands-on experience on CSG projects and make connections with other interns and the Executive Committee. Students who are interested can apply here!

Join a Commission or Task Force!

Commissions and Task Forces are designed to tackle specific issues on campus, including Mental Health and Wellness, Campus Affordability, Academic Affairs, and more. You can show up to as many meetings as you want throughout the year, the commitment is flexible, - if there is an issue you are passionate about, we want you to help us solve the problem! Check our website ( for more information about meeting dates and times later in the year!

Help Write a Resolution with a Representative!

Your representatives are here to listen to you and help address the issues you see on campus. You can contact your representatives at any time to work with them on bringing a resolution to be voted on before the Assembly. To see who represents your school, click here!

Run for Assembly in the Fall or Winter Elections!

Holding a seat on the CSG Assembly can be an invaluable experience - my path to CSG President started by running for an LSA seat in the Fall Election my first year. If this is of interest to you, you can read the election procedures and check back later on for the dates here.

Sign Up to Speak During an Assembly Meeting!

Each Assembly meeting, held Tuesday nights at 7:30 P.M., has time reserved for members of our campus to speak before the Assembly during Community Concerns. Talk to us about what issues you see on campus, what you're passionate about, or how you think the Assembly can help our students. Sign up for Community Concerns here.

You can always visit to find opportunities to join CSG in improving our campus and helping our students succeed.You can follow us on Instagram @um_csg, Facebook and Twitter @umcsg, and visit our website at Additionally, any questions, concerns, or suggestions can be emailed to - we want to help you the best way we can!

Good luck this year, and Go Blue!

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