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Domestic Student Health Insurance Plan

The University of Michigan encourages all students to have health insurance. If you need insurance coverage, the U-M Domestic Student Health Insurance Plan (DSHIP) through Blue Care Network of Michigan (BCN) has generous benefits at a very reasonable cost.

Insurance cost for an individual student for the 2021-22 insurance plan year (coverage dates 8/24/21 – 8/23/22) is $1929. Deadline for annual purchase is Sept. 30, 2021.

  • This insurance plan provides coverage with a wide array of benefits, including: clinic visits, prescription medication, annual vision exam, hospitalization, emergency care, limited dental benefits and more.

  • Annual deductible is only $100 for in-network care and $100 for out-of-network care.

  • In-network coverage is available throughout the U.S.

  • This plan is available to U-M students studying on campus and those who are studying remotely.

  • DSHIP is available to enrolled U-M students and their spouses, domestic partners, and dependents under the age of 26 (if the student is enrolled in the plan).

You can enroll here. To learn more information, see:

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