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CSG Executive Updates - April 12, 2022

Information to the Assembly

  1. All-Campus Email

    1. We are currently drafting the first All-Campus Email for the month of April. In the future, we will have a request form for anything to be put into them. We plan on using this first one to introduce ourselves (Noah and Jackie), advertise vacancies in the Executive team, and promote either a COVID test distribution project or Finals Wellness Event (see note in item 2).

  2. On-Going Projects

    1. Currently, we are in the process of brainstorming three ongoing projects: International Student Storage Locker or grant program, COVID-19 test distribution or a finals wellness event, or both (we need to work out details and we need a Treasurer before we can do anything in this regard). If you are interested in helping, please reach out to

  3. Meetings

    1. We have yet to meet with any administrators at this moment. We are going to be meeting with various members of the Board of Regents, Vice President of Student Life Martino Harmon, Dean of Students Laura Blake Jones, and President Mary Sue Coleman in the coming weeks. Once her transition is finalized we will also meet with Dean Laura McCauley who will be serving as Provost. To see a full schedule, please click here.

  4. External Appointments

    1. We need students who are interested in two external appointments we have to make. If anyone on the Assembly is interested, or you know anyone who is interested, please fill out this form.

  5. Non-CSG Announcements

    1. LSA SG with the AA City Government is hosting a “Climate Action Movie Night” on Friday at 7:30 PM on Elbel Field. Please come and tell your friends about the event. Questions about the event should be directed toward the Vice-Chair of the TREES Committee in LSA SG (

If you have any questions or would like to meet with the President or Vice President, please


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