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CSG Executive Committee Applications now live!

Central Student Government's executive team is currently accepting applications and conducting interviews for the following positions:

  1. Special Advisor to the President in Accessibility Policy

  2. Special Advisor to the President in Anti-Racism Policy

  3. Special Advisor to the President in Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy

  4. Chair of the Academic Affairs Commission

  5. Chair of the Clean Campus Commission

  6. Chair of the Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Survivor Empowerment Commission (SMPSEC)

  7. Commission Member

  8. Student-Athlete Liaison

  9. Disability Advocacy Liaison

  10. Greek Life Liaison

  11. Programming Board Member

  12. Association of Big Ten Students (ABTS) Liaison

  13. Students of Michigan (SOM) Executive Delegate

Specific application materials for each position can be found in the attached document.

If you are interested in one of the open positions, please send your resume and application materials to by 11:59pm on May 24, 2022.

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