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I am trying to make a reservation, but I can't find the schedule.

We post schedules as soon as we can, but no earlier than a few weeks into the semester. Before the schedule is posted, we cannot confirm AirBus availability. Our schedules, and the timeline on which we post our schedules, are based on a number of factors, such as staffing and charter bus availability, CSG's budgeting cycle (as AirBus is supported by student fees), and many other things. 

We also only accept bookings for the next break, even if we have schedules posted further out, to avoid confusion.

We try and give a rough estimate on when we'll post each schedule, and you can often sign up for updates to be the first to know when a new schedule posts or new bookings open! Check out the schedule section of the AirBus page for more information.

When is AirBus service available?

CSG AirBus offers service immediately before and after mid-year breaks at the U-M Ann Arbor campus.


When AirBus isn't operating, try the Michigan Flyer, which departs from the Blake Transit Center in downtown Ann Arbor, and is available 365 days a year.

Do I need a reservation to ride AirBus?

No, but we strongly recommend making one for your ride to the airport. Just visit the link on our webpage to book—you can even book at the last minute if seats are available. If a bus is full, but you wish to ride, you can add yourself to the waitlist, and you'll receive an email if you clear from the waitlist.


If you do not have a reservation, you can show up to the bus stop and we will try and accommodate you. All riders with reservations will receive first priority. If you are waitlisted, or a bus is full, please show up to the State Street stop, as that is where we will be able to count no-shows and accommodate standby passengers. If you show up as a standby passenger at Bursley or Hill, you will be denied boarding.

Please note that there are currently no reservations for Westbound (from DTW back to campus) trips.

AirBus, AirRide... What's the difference?

AirBus is a service of Central Student Government of the University of Michigan. We provide an airport service custom-designed for the needs of the U-M student community.

AirRide, also known as the Michigan Flyer, is a service of our partner, Ann Arbor Transportation Authority. AirRide operates year-round and is open to the general public. When AirBus isn't operating, AirRide is a great alternative for U-M students.

Which airport terminal does the Arrival Time on each trip refer to? 

The arrival time is the latest time the bus will arrive at the airport. Since the bus goes to the Evans Terminal (formerly known as North Terminal), then the McNamara Terminal, if your destination is the Evans Terminal, you will arrive there a few minutes earlier than the stated arrival time on the website.

I accidentally selected the wrong pick-up location when making my reservation. Do I need to change it?

No, regardless of what it says on your reservation, you can get on at any stop. This includes Bursley, Alice Lloyd, or State Street!

I don't have my Mcard. Can I still get on the bus?

Yes, but you'll need to tell our crew your uniqname as you board the bus, and you may be asked for an alternative form of identification.

Final acceptance of passengers is at the discretion of our crew members.

I don't have Blue Bucks. Can I still ride AirBus with my Mcard?

Yes. In fact, AirBus does not accept Blue Bucks. Rides on AirBus appear on your regular university statement along with tuition, lab fees, book fines, etc. You can view all items on your statement through Wolverine Access. Charges post shortly after each break.

Can non-students ride AirBus?

AirBus is open to all U-M Ann Arbor students enrolled in the current semester. In order to make an AirBus reservation, or to swipe as an unreserved customer, a currently active student account is required.


We welcome non-students to ride as guests of enrolled students. Students can purchase up to three seats per trip for themselves and their guests. Please note that all rides will be charged to the student who makes the reservation and/or swipes the Mcard. 

If you want to make a reservation for a trip to DTW for a guest, you must email us at right after you make your reservation so we can adjust the count and save the space for your additional rider(s)

If you are a student of another campus, or a faculty member, staff member, or alumni, and don't have a current student who will pay for your ride on their reservation as their guest, we regret that we will not be able to let you ride AirBus. Our service is supported by student fees—fares don't cover the full cost of the service—so we have to reserve seats for students.

Why can't I buy a ticket for my trip from the airport?

The short answer: flight arrival times are unpredictable. Your plane-to-bus connection might not work out like you plan. We don't want to sell you a ticket for a bus ride that you might not take.

Does AirBus run on-time?

We strive to offer trips with on-time arrivals. However, unforeseen weather or traffic conditions can cause delays. Be sure to leave yourself enough time for check-in and security. And avoid missing your bus by arriving at the stop at least five minutes early!

Please note that it is up to you to allow enough time for your flight. AirBus is not responsible if you miss your flight due to a late bus, a full bus, or a bus that departs early due to all reserved passengers being present and boarded. You should always give yourself enough margin that an AirBus delay doesn't affect your plans.

How will I recognize AirBus?

All AirBus trips operate with premium over-the-road charter coaches. Blue-and-yellow U-M campus buses sometimes appear at Metro Airport for sports teams or other events; these buses are not in AirBus service.

We have signs at each stop during days we have service. (You'll also see the unmistakable huddle of students with luggage.)

Can I ride "reverse" to Ann Arbor before break or to Metro Airport after break?

We have designed our schedules and our operations around prime travel demands to Metro Airport before break, back to Ann Arbor after break. We are not equipped to offer rides "against the flow" at this time. 


AirRide provides two-way service every day of the year. If AirBus doesn't fit your schedule, AirRide might.

Is AirBus wheelchair accessible?

In most cases, we can arrange for an accessible bus on the trip that you need. Please contact us at as far in advance as possible, but at least 72 hours before your trip, to ensure availability.

How much luggage can I bring?

Traveling light ensures a faster ride and room for everyone's bags. We don't have a formal luggage limit, but we ask that you pack considerately. If you have a very excessive amount of luggage to the point that it will affect our ability to operate, or you're trying to transport hazardous materials, we reserve the right to deny boarding. Email us if you want to check that we will permit your luggage—though our crew, and the driver, have the final say when boarding. 

We also prohibit hazardous materials, and we have special restrictions on pets. Please see our Contract of Carriage for more details (baggage section).

I already reserved a seat. Can I change my reservation?

You can cancel your reservation and select a new time if there are seats available. Simply find the confirmation email and click "Drop Session", or visit Sessions @ Michigan at this link, log in, and click "Drop" by the registration listed.

Please note that any waitlisted passengers will immediately receive any empty seat, so make sure you have a new seat before you cancel your old one.

Note that if you make this change yourself within 36 hours of departure, you will be charged for your cancelled reservation and your new reservation. Avoid this by emailing us to make the change for you.

I found another ride to the airport. Can I get a refund on my AirBus reservation?

You can cancel your reservation until 36 hours before final departure. If the reservation is not canceled by then, your student account will be charged for that ride. This helps us to keep accurate tabs on ridership and maximize capacity for all who wish to ride.

Please note that any waitlisted passengers will immediately receive any empty seat, so make sure you have another ride before you cancel your reservation, since you might not be able to get it back.

I didn't ride AirBus to Metro Airport. Can I still ride on the way back?

Absolutely! Simply show up for any Westbound trip and swipe your Mcard.

I lost something on AirBus. Can you help me find it?

We'll certainly try! Email us at with a few pieces of information: detailed description of the item, the date and approximate time you rode AirBus, and if possible, the number of your AirBus trip.

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