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CSG sponsors Wall Street Journal subscriptions

In these uncertain times, getting the facts is more important than ever. Central Student Government has partnered with The Wall Street Journal to provide all students, faculty and staff at the University of Michigan with access to WSJ’s full suite of digital products, providing the facts you need, especially with the election year, global pandemic, and economic recession. 

You can use your school-sponsored WSJ membership to: 

  • Get unlimited access to, WSJ mobile apps, newsletters and podcasts 

  • Advance your career with curated articles on job preparation, finance tips, career insights and expert advice through WSJ’s student hub,

  • Have the opportunity to be published on through the newsroom’s Young Audiences call for submissions on WSJ Opinion’s Future View Series

  • And access everything else WSJ has to offer!

To take advantage of your school-sponsored membership, activate your account by visiting:

If you already have an account, you’ll need to cancel any active subscriptions before you can activate your school-sponsored subscription. Just call 1-800-JOURNAL to cancel, and then come back and sign up using the link above.

Questions? For technical support, assistance with your subscription, or anything else related to the subscription, call 1-800-JOURNAL or email If you have any questions you feel cannot be answered by WSJ’s support, or if you run into any problems that aren’t being resolved, please contact Hayden Jackson at

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