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Recap for Assembly Meeting- April 20, 2021

Central Student Government's Assembly met on April 20, 2021 at 7:33 p.m. via Zoom with 38 voting members present. The recap may be found here.

Community Concerns:

  • Social Work Student Union

  • Zackariah Farah, LSA Student Government



  • Guest Speaker - Amaya Farrell, ICC

  • Rules Committee

  • Resolutions Committee

  • Communications Committee

  • Finance Committee

  • Student Organization Committee

  • Executive Report from Nithya Arun

Elections, Confirmations, and Recalls

  • Election of Jacob Outwin, Karthik Pasupula, and Kathryn McCaughey for Ethics Committee

  • Election of Karthik Pasupula as Vice Chair of Finance Committee

  • Confirmation of Hayden Jackson as Director of SOC

Old Business:

  • AR 11-004: A Procedural Resolution to Codify Practices to Enhance the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity of Central Student Government- passed via unanimous consent

  • AR 11-005: A Procedural and Appropriations Resolution to Update the Financial Need Fund to Further Encourage Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Students to Participate in CSG- passed via unanimous consent

  • AR 11-003: A Declarative, Directive, and Procedural Resolution Calling on the President and Board of Regents to Sign the Break Free from Plastic Pledge- not discharged from committee

  • AR 11-008: A Procedural and Appropriations Resolution to Create a Task Force to Address the Impacts of a COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate, and COVID-19 In General, on People of Color in the University of Michigan Community in Response to University Requesting CSG Feedback on Mandate- passed via unanimous consent

New Business:

  • AR 11-006: A Declarative Resolution to call for Regent Ron Weiser’s Resignation and for an Investigation into his Conflicts of Interest Regarding McKinley Associates Inc.- referred back to committee

Motions and Other Business:

  • Motion to approve LDF 11-001- passed via unanimous consent

  • Motion to approve SOFC Membership Application for the Spring/Summer 2021 Semester- passed

  • Motion to approve SOFC Funding Criteria for the Spring/Summer 2021 Semester- passed

  • Motion to approve SOFC Schedule for the Spring/Summer 2021 Semester- passed via unanimous consent

Adjourned at 11:30 p.m. with 33 voting members present.

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