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Evie Winter Confirmed as VP

ANN ARBOR - Evie Winter has been officially confirmed as the new Vice President for Central Student Government during the regular meeting of the CSG Assembly on Tuesday, January 14, 2020. First nominated to the position during the end of the Fall 2019 semester by President Ben Gerstein, Evie has been a diligent member of CSG since her first semester on campus. Originally serving as an intern to then-President Anushka Sarkar, Evie has since served as the Chief Programming Officer, Chief of Staff, and the Director of Outreach. Throughout her time in Central Student Government, Evie has maintained a high level of dedication to the organization and continually focuses her efforts on bettering the lives of students on campus.

As we move into the second semester of the academic school year and into the final months of the administration, we continue to look towards the student body as an example of the brightest and best of our campus. We hope that students will find this semester to be one highlighted by engaging events, impactful work, and the overall improvement of the campus we share. We have no doubt that Evie Winter will build on these ideals and make them a reality.

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