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Recap for Assembly Meeting - July 11, 2023

Central Student Government's Assembly met on Tuesday, July 11th at 7:30 p.m. on Zoom. You can find the recap here.

  1. Call to order 7:30 pm

  2. Reports

  3. Guest Speakers: Ava Armour, Pam McGuinty, PF Anderson, and Marjorie Herbert - Disability Culture at the University of Michigan

  4. Rules

  5. Finance

  6. Resolutions

  7. Communications

  8. Executive Nominations

  9. SOC Report

  10. Executive Branch Report

  11. Speaker Report

  12. Consent Agenda - All Items In Section Adopted Unanimously

  13. Elections, Confirmations, and Recalls

  14. Gwen Tatara as Director of Policy

  15. Ian Concannon as Treasurer

  16. Emily Ryan as Affordability and Accessibility Policy Advisory & Disability Empowerment and Advocacy (DEAC) Commission Chair

  17. Joyce Jung as Deputy Programming Officer

  18. Jake Frederick as Deputy Communications Director for Social Media & Press

  19. Taylor Quick as Deputy Student General Counsel

  20. Lauren Bleyer as SMPSEC Chair

  21. Zoe Klein as Deputy Communications Director for Social Media & Press

  22. William Thomopoulos as Transfer Student Ex-Officio

  23. Paige Cook as Non-Traditional Student Ex-Officio

  24. Afolashade Lawal as First-Year Graduate Student Ex-Officio

  25. Joanna Hua as Ethics Committee Member

  26. Ignacio Blanco Varela as Ethics Committee Member

  27. Ayden Riley as Ethics Committee Member

  28. New Business

  29. AR 13-008: Operating Procedures Renewal Act

  30. Elections, Confirmations, and Recalls

  31. Udbhav Vasishta confirmed as SOFC Vice Chair

  32. Old Business

  33. AR 13-006: Requiring a Parliamentarian to Attend Executive Nominations Committee


  35. AR 13-007: GEO Solidarity and Grade Grievance Act


  37. AR 13-009: The Wall Street Journal Subscription Renewal


  39. Motions and Other Business

  40. LDA Motion: Fulfilling PEF Reimbursements ADOPTED

  41. SSBA-02: Spring-Summer Budget Amendment WITHDRAWN

  42. SSBA-03: Spring-Summer Budget Amendment AMENDED, ADOPTED

  43. Motion to grant authorized signer status for the Chief Programming Officer (CPO)

  44. Motion to grant speaking rights to the SOC Director ADOPTED

  45. Motion to grant speaking rights to the Deputy SGC ADOPTED

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