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CSG Weekly Update - February 3, 2022

To keep the University of Michigan community more up-to-date on what Central Student Government is working on, we will be attempting to provide weekly updates capturing what the CSG Assembly, Executive Team, Central Student Judiciary, AirBus, Test Prep, and other programs have been working on.


CSG Winter 2022 Budget passed

The CSG Assembly passed the Winter 2022 budget during their Assembly meeting last week and it was recently signed by CSG President Nithya Arun. A few things of note in the budget:

  • $10,000 was allocated for a subscription to the Calm App for University of Michigan Ann Arbor students

  • $27,565.20 was allocated for an annual subscription to the New York Times with the gaming add on

  • Student Organization Committee was allocated $240,000 to support student organizations on campus through SOFC and Wolverine Consulting Group


CSG AirBus - Spring Break

The AirBus staff has been working to confirm trips with our transportation provider. Due to bus shortages across multiple vendors we are attempting to finalize eastbound trips. Westbound trips back to campus are now visible on our website - We will update the eastbound trips to DTW as soon as we confirm with a transportation vendor. Please email with any questions.


Student Fee Consideration

Central Student Government student leaders are planning a meeting with university administration to learn more about the process for requesting a fee increase to better serve the student body through growing its current offerings. In order for a fee to be implemented it must be approved by the student body in the Winter 2022 election as well as by the Board of Regents.


Test Prep Program

The Test Prep Program's registration is now open. We will be offering LSAT and MCAT Test Prep Courses. For information around cost or the program, please email


CSG Surveys

Central Student Government is currently collecting data on sexual health, student housing, and student work conditions.


Association of Big Ten Students Conference

This past weekend, the CSG executive team sent four student delegates to the Association of Big Ten Students conference in Madison, Wisconsin. For updates on this, please contact


Dinners for Democracy

Central Student Government is working with Turn Up Turn Out on Dinners for Democracy. The current topics being considered are vaccine mandates and medicaid expansion. The dates are still being finalized, but are likely to be February 16 or 17 and February 23 or 24. For more information, contact the executive team at


Check back next week for more updates!

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