Zimmerman / Hillman

Executive Team
  • President: Noah Zimmerman

  • Vice President: Jacqueline Hillman

  • Chief of Staff: Meera Herle

  • Treasurer: Tommy O'Heney

  • Speaker: Karthik Pasupula

  • Communications Director: Kareem Rifai

  • Chief Programming Officer: Arden Haggin

  • Deputy Programming Officer: Bipasha Ray

  • Government Relations Coordinator: Vacant

  • Coalition Engagement Director: Peter Tam

  • Student General Counsel: Vacant

  • ABTS Liaison: Janice Kang

  • SOC Director: Hayden Jackson

  • Policy Advisors:

    • Advisor in Affordability Policy: Sean Rositano

    • Advisor in Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy: Terra Lafreniere

  • Commission Chairs:

    • Chair of Academic Affairs Commission: Hailey Hartz

    • Chair of Clean Campus Commission: Andrew van Baal

    • Chair of Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Survivor Empowerment Commission: Gwen Tatara



Commissions created by Executive Order include:

  • Academic Affairs Commission

  • DEI Commission

  • Clean Campus Coalition

  • SAINTS Advisory Board

Press Releases


Executive Orders​

Regent Reports