Updated in Reverse Chronological Order


2pm EST

  1. Funding Criteria, Proof of Payment, and Funding Schedule documents updated


10pm EST

  1. Proof of Payment Policy temporarily modified to allow organizations to "reapply" for the balance of expenses partially funded in Waves 6 or later

  2. Winter 2020 Wave Schedule adjusted to consolidate remaining Proof of Payment (receipt) deadlines (Waves 7 - 9) to April 22

  3. Funding Criteria temporarily modified to allow for funding of non-refundable expenses related to cancelled events and functions


9am EST

  1. SOFC issues Wave 6 Award Notices, Wave 5 Appeal Notices, and Wave 3 Reimbursement Notices

  2. Statement released on initial SOFC response to COVID-19


5pm EST

  1. SOFC moves all office hours online via 10-minute Google Hangouts sessions

  2. Existing office hours schedule preserved 

  3. SOFC101 sessions cancelled for remainder of winter semester

  4. SOFC Reviews conducted via BlueJeans for Wave 6 - 9

  5. Wave 7 funding application opens (5pm EST)


4pm EST

  1. President Schlissel issues initial guidance on COVID-19, terminating in-person instruction and encouraging students to return home 


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