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Student Resources & Services

Resources for Students:

  • Subsidized Group-X Passes - CSG is excited to subsidize 75 passes fall semester for students on pell-grants and other forms of need-based grant aid.

  • U-M Walk-in Flu Clinic - For U-M students and non-Michigan Medicine faculty and staff, plus their spouses, other qualified adults, and dependents; must be at least 18 years old

  • STI Testing - Low-cost / free STI testing on or around campus

  • Shredding Services - CSG offers shredding services in their office for University of Michigan students

  • Calculator Rental - Free calculator rentals to currently enrolled University of Michigan students

  • Green Books - Free green books are available at the CSG office for University of Michigan students

  • Emergency Meal Fund – Offers food-insecure students six dining hall meal swipes on their M-Cards.

  • Excused Academic Absences – The Dean of Students Office can assist students experiencing instability, navigating a critical incident, or are representing the University in an official capacity.

  • Critical Incidents Reporting – If you’re dealing with a critical incident or are representing the University in an official external role, please visit the Dean of Students website.

  • WiFi on the Diag

  • M-Pals - MPals is a peer-to-peer pen-pal initiative. Incoming international undergraduate students will be matched with current students here at the University of Michigan.

Resources for Student Organizations

  • Student Organization Funding – The Student Organization Funding Committee allocates funds to registered student organizations throughout the academic year.

  • Safe Travel Funding - Registered student organizations may apply for funds to provide safer logistical traveling methods

  • The NET Program – CSG created a program to fulfill the needs of student organizations who felt their organizations could be doing better, and not living up to the expectations of the mission they set.

  • Student Organization voting – CSG had created and any student organization may utilize the website for elections or votes. For more information, contact

  • Mailboxes – Student organizations may utilize the Central Student Government office as a mailing location on campus. For more information, contact our office staff at

Resource Guides & Reports:


CSG Services:

  • AirBus – Sponsored transportation to and from the Detroit airport around Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break.

  • Wolverine Consulting – consulting services for student organizations on campus.