Student Resources & Services

Resources for Students:

  • Subsidized Group-X Passes - CSG is excited to subsidize 75 passes fall semester for students on pell-grants and other forms of need-based grant aid.

  • U-M Walk-in Flu Clinic - For U-M students and non-Michigan Medicine faculty and staff, plus their spouses, other qualified adults, and dependents; must be at least 18 years old

  • STI Testing - Low-cost / free STI testing on or around campus

  • Shredding Services - CSG offers shredding services in their office for University of Michigan students

  • Calculator Rental - Free calculator rentals to currently enrolled University of Michigan students

  • Green Books - Free green books are available at the CSG office for University of Michigan students

  • Emergency Meal Fund – Offers food-insecure students six dining hall meal swipes on their M-Cards.

  • Academic Notification - the Dean of Students Office supports students who are experiencing anything that is interrupting their academic and campus life; support could include sending academic notification to faculty members alerting them to the difficult situation a student may be experiencing. Students are encouraged to work with their faculty directly regarding missed coursework or class sessions. To request academic notification, students can come to the Dean of Students Office (3100 Michigan Union) to meet with a DOS staff member or can call DOS at 734-764-7420. 

  • Critical Incidents Reporting – If you’re dealing with a critical incident or are representing the University in an official external role, please visit the Dean of Students website.

  • WiFi on the Diag

Resources for Student Organizations

  • Student Organization Funding – The Student Organization Funding Committee allocates funds to registered student organizations throughout the academic year.

  • Safe Travel Funding - Registered student organizations may apply for funds to provide safer logistical traveling methods

  • Student Organization voting – CSG had created and any student organization may utilize the website for elections or votes. For more information, contact

  • Mailboxes – Student organizations may utilize the Central Student Government office as a mailing location on campus. For more information, contact our office staff at

Resource Guides & Reports:


CSG Services:

  • AirBus – Sponsored transportation to and from the Detroit airport around Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break.

  • Wolverine Consulting – consulting services for student organizations on campus.


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