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Recap for Assembly Meeting- October 6

Central Student Government's Assembly met on October 6, 2020 at 7:32 p.m. via Zoom. The recap may be found here.

Convening Business

  • Election of Speaker- Carla Voigt elected with unanimous consent

  • Election of Vice Speaker- Ashton Doyle elected with unanimous consent


  • Member Report- Students of Michigan Delegate, Levi Todd

  • Student Organization Committee

  • Ethics Report

  • Finance

  • Rules

  • Member Report- Hayden Jackson

Elections, Confirmations, Recalls

  • Confirmation of Grace Haubert as Chair of the Commission on Environment & Sustainability- confirmed by unanimous consent

  • Confirmation of Sidney Aloisi as Chair of the Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Survivor Empowerment Commission (SMPSEC)- confirmed by unanimous consent

  • Confirmation of Nithya Arun as Senior Policy Advisor on Academic Affairs- confirmed by Roll Call Vote (14-9-5)

  • Confirmation of Sophie Greenberg as Civic Engagement Commission Chair- confirmed by unanimous consent

New Business

  • AR 10-020: A Procedural Resolution to Expand Permissible Debate Motions and Correct Permissible Circumstances for Motions That Bring a Question Again Before the Assembly- referred to Rules Committee with unanimous consent

  • AR 10-022: A Procedural Resolution to Amend Article II of the Compiled Code to Require Meetings of the Assembly During the Summer- referred to Rules and Finance with unanimous consent

Old Business

  • AR 10-008: A Procedural Resolution to Better Define the Duties of Speaker and Vice-Speaker, Ensure Transparency in the Student Organizations Committee, and both Streamline Executive Appointments and Create a Method for Decision on the Requirement of Assembly Advice and Consent- question split into A.R. 10-008a (postponed indefinitely by hand vote) and A.R. 10-008b (referred to Rules by unanimous consent)

Motions and Other Business

  • Budget Amendment- passed by unanimous consent

  • LDF Allocation- Law School Mentor Program- passed by unanimous consent

  • Test Prep Proposal- passed by unanimous consent

The Assembly will meet next on October 13, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. via Zoom.

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