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Press Release Regarding Climate Conscious Investments

BLOOMINGTON, IN - Central Student Government is proud to announce that at the annual

Association of Big Ten Students (ABTS) Conference, a Michigan-authored resolution passed

unanimously calling for Big Ten universities to cease all new investments in the fossil fuel

industry and commit to research and action on divestment from these industries in fiscal year

2020. The resolution, titled “RESOLUTION CALLING ON BIG 10 UNIVERSITIES TO

COMMIT TO CLIMATE CONSCIOUS INVESTMENTS,” is a collective call for climate action

and leadership.

As the resolution mentions: “as students, as taxpayers, and as citizens of the world whose

frontline communities are already being impacted by climate change and whose future is in peril, we feel an obligation and a right to demand our universities are not complicit in the harms of fossil fuel investment and lead the nation and the world towards a better future. The fossil fuel industry has led a concerted, multi-decadal effort to mislead the public and sow doubt about the reality and causes of global warming. These efforts echo disinformation campaigns similar to those of the tobacco industry in direct opposition to our institutions’ values of honesty and integrity.”

With a collective representation of over 500,000 students across 14 universities, ABTS is a

critical organization that can be used to push for concrete, institutional change. CSG urges the University of Michigan Board of Regents and Executive Officers to stand up for climate justice.

Hundreds of thousands of students and millions of alumni are watching.


Press Contact:

Alex Johnson

CSG Communications Director

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