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Executive Committee Report - August 8, 2023

Updated: Jan 11

The executive committee has issued the following report for the July 11, 2023 Assembly Meeting:

Nominations & Confirmations of Executive Officials:

  • Brandon Behar, Wolverine Consulting Group Vice Chair

  • Hayden Jackson, Executive Advisor for Special Projects

  • Avery Berkebile, Pell-Grant Eligible Student Ex-Officio

  • Aditi C, International Student Ex-Officio

Executive Updates:

  • Meera and Bipasha have been meeting regularly with the Campus Plan 2050 and Vision 2034 project management teams. Bipasha is arranging for University Council to serve as a Campus Plan 2050 focus group. Additionally, CSG is cosposoring an information session during the second week of classes targeted at student organization leaders, so students can plan out how they will engage in both processes. We will be partnering with the campus planning and strategic visioning teams on these events because they are hoping to encourage greater student engagement throughout the fall. An email was sent to all authorized signers of student organizations at U-M on Monday with an interest form.

  • The Fall Elections team is still looking to hire an Elections Director, and Deputy Commissioners for Finance and Events/Outreach. Please pass this on to any interested students, and direct any inquiries to our Student General Counsel Tyler Watt.

  • Treasurer Ian Concannon created the Spring-Summer 2023 Financial Status Report. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please direct those to him.

  • The August All Campus Email went out last week, and CSG’s bi-weekly newsletter is slated to go out next Tuesday, August 15. If you have any requests to be included in our upcoming newsletters, please direct those requests to this form and inquiries to our Director of Communications Andrew Ky.

  • The Communications Team has created a wonderful branding guide as part of their initiative to develop a framework for communications activities.

Programs and Events

  • Meet Your Representatives & Movie Night is a tentatively scheduled event for Thursday, August 31 at 7:00pm. There is hope that other student governments will also attend.

  • Terra Lafreniere, Chief Programming Officer, is working with Fraternity & Sorority Life leadership on restructuring hydration stations for the upcoming fall semester

  • The Executive Committee is partnering with oSTEM, Spectrum, and College of Engineering on the implementation of Pride Outside which will take place on Sunday, September 3 from 2-4:30pm on Angell Hall Lawn

Policy Team

  • Student General Counsel Tyler Watt is in communication with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Office to determine what CSG materials need to be included for compliance to FOIA regulations, as well as with Assembly leadership to develop a proposal for Assembly’s new operating procedures. He is also working on compiling historical data on CSG Elections Turnout to inform future elections.

  • Director of Government Relations Akhila Mullapudi has been working on having introductory meetings with institutions across campus and the community. She has additionally been coordinating civics education initiatives and strategic planning with Democracy and Debate, as well as working on a Dinners for Democracy initiative with Turn Up Turnout (TUT).

If you have any questions or would like to meet with the President or Vice President, please contact Chief of Staff to the President Juliette Quenioux (

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