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Governing Documents

The Central Student Government has three main governing documents. These include the Constitution, Compiled Code, and Operating Procedures of the Student Assembly.

The Constitution

The Constitution was ratified in 2010 by students at-large and dramatically changed the structure to what it is today. Apart from declaring the structure of the Central Student Government, the Constitution also defines its relation to other student governments, student organizations and enumerates basic student rights.

The Compiled Code

The Compiled Code further defines the structure and functions of the organization. It defines logistics for all components of the legislative, executive and judicial ranches, elections, and specifies some student organization requirements​.

The Operating Procedures

The Operating Procedures define the rules and procedures of the Student Assembly, a group composed of elected representatives, which is one house of the legislative branch.

Standing Rules

The Standing Rules are a set of rules affecting the Assembly during its current Legislative Session which expand upon the Operating Procedures to the particular preferences of the sitting Assembly.​

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