Kaplan/Nandigama administration


Executive Team

  • President: Amanda Kaplan

  • Vice President: Saveri Nandigama

  • Treasurer: Richa Shah

  • Speaker: Carla Voigt

  • Communications Director:

  • Chief of Staff: Miriam Chung

  • Student General Counsel: Austin Glass

  • Government Relations Coordinator: 

  • Legislative Advisor: Sujin Kim


  • Rose Reilly

  • Sasha Rozenshteyn

  • Meera Herle


Commissions created by Executive Order include:

  • Health and Wellness Commission: Allison Choe (achoe@umich.edu)

  • Academic Affairs Commissions: Drishaan Jain (drishaan@umich.edu)

  • Affordability and Accessibility Commission: Danya Pollack (dpollack@umich.edu)

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commission: Hershy Jalluri (hjalluri@umich.edu)

  • Non-traditional Students Commission: Eman Naga (enaga@umich.edu)

  • Sustainability Commission: Grace Haubert (ghaubert@umich.edu)

  • Civic Engagement Commission: Sophie Greenberg (sophgrnb@umich.edu)

Commission chairs will be confirmed in the Fall. At this time, their name, contact information and a brief description of the commission will be added to the website. If you are interested in learning more about any one of these commissions/how to get involved, please fill out this brief interest form. As always, you can contact csg.administration2020@umich.edu with any questions about commissions.

Press Releases

Executive Orders

    • 10-001 – Establishing the Academic Affairs Commission

    • 10-002 – Establishing the Affordability and Accessibility Commission

    • 10-003 – Establishing the Civic Engagement Commission

    • 10-004 – Establishing the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Commission

    • 10-005 – Establishing the Non-Traditional Students Commission

    • 10-006 – Establishing the Student Wellness Commission

    • 10-007 – Establishing the Sustainability Commission

Regent Reports


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