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CSG President




CSG President

Nithya Arun (she/her) is a senior majoring in Community and Global Public Health with a minor in Biochemistry. Nithya has been a part of CSG since her freshman year and has served as a policy advisor for the past two years in the areas of Health and Wellness and Academic Affairs. She is excited to utilize her platform to amplify student voices and integrate them into the executive team’s work. Some of Nithya’s priorities include: ensuring a public health informed school year and centering the needs of marginalized communities in all policies and programming. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, feel free to fill out this form to schedule a meeting with Nithya and Carla! 

CSG vice President

Carla Voigt (she/her) is a junior from Grosse Pointe, Michigan majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. Carla is honored to be serving as Student Body Vice President alongside Nithya Arun. She is passionate about women's issues and environmental justice. She is also excited to promote equity on our campus by ensuring our programing is accessible to and supports all students. Before being elected Vice President, she served as Engineering Representative in the CSG Assembly for two years, and was elected to serve as Speaker of the 10th Assembly. Carla is excited to use this year to promote student led initiatives on campus and ensure that we have a safe return to campus for the fall. Feel free to reach out to her if you'd like to chat about improvements, ideas, or feedback! 


CSG Vice President




CSG Speaker of the Assembly




CSG speaker

Chief programming officer

Drishaan Jain (DJ) is a sophomore in LSA studying Computer Science. He previously served as First-Year Ex-Officio Representative and Chair of Communications Committee of the 9th Assembly and Deputy Policy Advisor of Academic Affairs. DJ is excited about serving as Chief Programming Officer to expand CSG's reach across campus and provide targeted, supportive programming to all students. As U-M transitions back to in-person learning, DJ hopes to develop events and advocacy with an emphasis on environmental justice, mental health resources, and sexual assault awareness. Additionally, he looks forward to working with the Executive team and the Assembly to address student needs and increase accessibility to on-campus organizations. Outside of CSG, you can find DJ cooking new vegetarian recipes, backpacking, or riding an indoor bike!


Chief Programming Officer


Bharat Koripella

CSG Treasurer




Bharat is a sophomore from Troy, Michigan majoring in Community and Global Public Health. For the last two years, Bharat has served on the Student Organization Funding Committee and was a Vice-Chair on the Committee during the 2020-21 school year. Bharat looks forward to helping the Executive Team and Assembly enact the amazing initiatives they have planned while also ensuring student organizations have adequate funding as they begin to plan in-person events next year. Bharat also wants to help CSG leverage its budget to promote equity on campus and make the financial operations of CSG as transparent as possible for the student body. Outside of CSG, Bharat is a huge Michigan and Detroit sports fan, which has led to more than a few depressing Sunday afternoons.


Grace Roberts (she/her/hers) is a senior pursuing degrees in economics, sociology, and Judaic studies. During her sophomore and junior years, Grace served as a Senior Policy Advisor for Sexual Assault Prevention and Sustainability. As Chief of Staff, she will help the executive team achieve its goals across policy areas, and hopes to use her previous CSG experience to fight housing insecurity on campus, advocate for social justice initiatives, and introduce practices that will help end sexual assault at our school. She is also a member of Michigan Mock Trial and plans to attend law school in the Fall of 2022. If you see her on campus, she will probably tell you she's from Maine and ask how she can better serve the school, so don't be afraid to reach out or say hello!

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Chief of Staff



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Communications Director




Communications Director

Daniela Martinez (she/her) is a senior majoring in Political Science and History with a minor in Music. Daniela has been a part of CSG for two years serving as an intern to the vice president her freshman year and as a policy advisor for Accessibility and Affordability her junior year. Daniela is looking forward to helping keep the student body fully informed on all of the amazing initiatives and events that will be planned by CSG along with acting as a liaison to ensure all student concerns are heard and adequately addressed. If you or your student organization ever need any support feel free to contact us at csg.contact.edu


I'm the Student Organization Committee Director, in charge of all things student orgs in CSG! I manage funding through the Student Organization Funding Committee (SOFC) and Wolverine Consulting Group (WCG) for all of your amazing programs, events, and services! I'm particularly committed to ensuring that we are providing you with the best possible service. I want to know what you need, so please email me if you have any comments or concerns about our organization funding. I'm particularly passionate about accessibility in design, language, and event planning. This is my eighth year of student government. It’s an honor and a privilege to be entrusted with the responsibility of managing the 1,600 student organizations at Michigan—the lifeblood of the Michigan experience.


Academically, I'm a fourth year PhD candidate in the political science department. I study the politics of international trade and public opinion on matters of national security. I received my BA in political science and statistics from the University of California, Riverside.

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Senior Policy Advisor- Affordability and Accessibility




Senior Policy Advisor

Korey Zelda (he/they)  is a sophomore planning on majoring in Public Policy and minoring in Social Class and Inequality Studies. During their first year at U-M, Korey served as an LSA representative on the University of Michigan's COVID-19 Task Force. Korey is eager to continue their work progressing the spatial justice of Ann Arbor. They hope to promote student voices and to increase social services for Michigan students and AA occupants. Korey is also a licensed realtor with Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel in Ann Arbor and hopes to draw upon their positionality to the housing market to make housing in Ann Arbor more affordable. Contact Korey at kzelda@umich.edu with any comments or concerns. They are here to help and would love to collaborate with more students!

Senior Policy Advisor 

Makiah Shipp (she/her) is a sophomore majoring in African American studies with a minor in Community Action and Social Change. Makiah is the youngest member to serve on Ann Arbor's Independent Community Police Oversight Commission. As CSG’s Senior Policy Advisor for Anti-Racism she plans to engage BIPOC students on campus in an effort to create a more suitable and comfortable space for them. Makiah looks forward to spearheading the initiative to reimagine the way in which campus policing currently functions. She also advocates for increased funding for organizations and programs working to increase Black admissions and retention rates. Additionally, she would like to work towards increasing student of color admissions processes at the graduate level by bridging the gap between undergrad and the graduate process through accessible seminars and panels for students to attend to receive valuable information well before embarking on the grad school process.

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Senior Policy Advisor- Anti-Racism



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Senior Policy Advisor



Senior Policy Advisor

Adetola Ojo is a Senior enrolled in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, majoring in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience, with a minor in Business. She served on the 10th CSG Assembly as a Representative for LSA, where she also served as Vice Chair of the Ethics Committee and was a member of the Executive Nominations Committee. As an aspiring physician, she values health and wellness in every single aspect of life. She is eager to make meaningful changes for mental health on campus, combat food insecurity, improve sexual health awareness, and foster a positive environment for all students to return to in the post-COVID world. She hopes to accomplish these goals by closely working with fellow executives, students on campus, and work off of the wellness wheel to ensure all solutions maximize their impact. 

Senior Policy Advisor

Eman Naga (she/her) is a pre-law senior studying political science and law, justice, and social change. The senior policy advisor on university affairs, Eman strives to better campus relations in Ann Arbor and on the global stage. Hoping to ensure tri-campus equity, assure humane investments, and increase student representation on campus are just a few examples of the policies Eman hopes to implement during her time at CSG. Eman also previously served as the non-traditional student policy advisor in the 2020-2021 CSG administration. She is eager to hear from you so please feel free to contact her at enaga@umich.edu to discuss projects, concerns and policy ideas.

Senior Policy Advisor- Non-Traditional Students



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Student Engagement Officer




Student Engagement Officer

My goal is to ascertain and collect opinions and views from students on various topics of interest to both CSG and the university at large. I also intend to use this data to drive policy decisions CSG makes. I myself am a PhD Student in Survey and Data Science within the Institute for Social Research and focus on measurement and data collection about at-risk minority groups as it relates to health research as well as questionnaire design methods. I am currently a GSRA within the Center for the Study of Drugs, Alcohol, Substance and Health at the School of Nursing as well as the National Science Foundation. I look forward to using my training to drive the best data collection possible to aid CSG.