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CSG President

Amanda Kaplan (she/her/hers) is a senior from Sharon, Massachuestts majoring in Public Policy with a minor in Business Administration. Amanda is honored to be serving as Student Body President this school year, alongside her best friend and partner, Saveri Nandigama. Amanda is particularly passionate about democratic access and civic engagement, especially given the upcoming Presidential Debate and Election season. She is also excited to promote diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives by ensuring our campus resources work for all students, including mental health services, physical health providers, and survivor support and empowerment centers. Finally, Amanda is deeply inspired by other student leaders across campus and believes in elevating their voices through the resources of CSG. Throughout her time at Michigan, Amanda has been involved in almost every aspect of CSG: commissions, the student organization funding committee, the Assembly, committee leadership, and the Executive team. If you are at all interested in getting involved in CSG, please reach out to her! She loves to talk about the different means for student engagement on campus and is excited to work with the next generation of student leaders at Michigan.

CSG vice President

Saveri Nandigama (she/her/hers) is a senior majoring in Philosophy with a minor in Religion, both within the college of Literature, Science, and the Arts. Saveri is excited and honored to have been elected to serve the student body. She is also excited to take on this task with her best friend Amanda. She is extremely passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion. Throughout her undergraduate career, she’s worked in health equity non-profits, environmental justice organizations, and social justice organizations and institutional DEI roles, like at the Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs. Within CSG, she has previously served as Chief of Staff. This year, Saveri is excited to continue focusing on DEI, in all policy aspects. In addition, she’s excited to focus more time on working with students and student organizations to develop impactful and practical solutions to issues facing students. Saveri is also very passionate about elevating others and would love to speak with anyone about anything, so please feel free to reach out to her if you’re at all interested in chatting!

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CSG speaker

Carla is a second-term representative from the College of Engineering. She studies Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. Before being elected Speaker, she served as the Vice Speaker and had previously served as the Vice Chair of the Rules committee for the duration of the 9th Assembly.  Carla is excited to serve the student population and help CSG run smoothly!

CSG treasurer

Richa (she/her/hers) is a senior from West Bloomfield, MI majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Sociology - Law, Justice, and Social Change. She is thrilled to serve as Treasurer, drawing on her past experiences as a Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Committee Member of the Student Organization Funding Committee. Richa’s guiding belief in her role is that CSG’s funds should be used to make maximum impact and highlights this idea in her discussions with others. She is eager to work with the Executive Team and Assembly Members on their ideas for the student body. Richa also values financial transparency, especially since most of CSG’s funds come from the student body. She is continuing the efforts from the prior Executive Team in developing an online portal for public view of CSG’s fund usage. 

Outside of the CSG office, Richa also serves as the Vice President of Finance for the BBA Council where she leads similar projects and efforts for the undergraduate student body at the Ross School of Business. She also enjoys spending time outside, playing basketball, creating new recipes, and trying new flavors of LaCroix sparkling water (current fave is “Hi-Biscus”!).

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Legislative Advisor

 Sujin Kim (she/her) is a junior from Mt. Laurel, New Jersey majoring in Political Science with a minor in the History of Law and Policy. She is excited to be serving as CSG’s first Legislative Advisor, and is looking forward to working with her colleagues on the Assembly and Executive Team through the position’s inaugural year. As Legislative Advisor, Sujin will attend Assembly and Executive Team meetings and advise the CSG President and Vice President on Assembly policy, as well as work on the University Council. She previously served 2 terms as an LSA representative on the Assembly, with 1-year terms as Chair of the Ethics Committee and Chair of the Resolutions Committee. Sujin’s work focuses on utilizing CSG’s resources as a governing body for the direct benefit of students. She believes that efficient functioning of institutional processes are key to successful advocacy, and looks forward to advising the policy decisions of the Executive Team with the goal of maximizing the use of institutional resources.


Outside of CSG, Sujin primarily works in research at the Ford School of Public Policy and in the Department of Political Science, with interest in how Congressional processes affect the implementation of domestic policy. She is also an expert squirrel-feeder (the key is unsalted peanuts), and enjoys baking sourdough bread. She is always happy to help and advocate for students, and encourages any student to reach out with questions regarding CSG or University policy, or with any other personal concerns.

CSG student

general counsel

Austin Glass (he/him) is a fourth-year PhD student in Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering in the College of Engineering. Austin is delighted to serve as SGC, chief legal advocate and advisor to Central Student Government. Austin draws on nearly three years of service as a representative on the Assembly from Rackham, including one-year terms as Chair of the Rules Committee and Speaker of the Assembly. Austin’s work focuses on updating, correcting, and revising CSG’s living governing documents, and advising Assembly Representatives and members of the Executive Branch as they work on such projects. The SGC mandate also includes oversight of CSG elections and, where necessary, serving as CSG’s legal counsel representing the interests of the student body in cases before the Central Student Judiciary.

Outside of CSG, Austin serves as commissioner on President Schlissel’s Commission on Carbon Neutrality, and in a number of other student positions in University advisory and decision-making boards. He would be happy to hear from any student with questions, comments, or concerns on student legal or logistical matters, and on University-wide sustainability and sexual misconduct prevention and survivor empowerment efforts.

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Chief of Staff

Miriam Chung (she/her/hers) is a senior from Lake Zurich, Illinois in the Ford School of Public Policy with a minor in Spanish. Miriam is especially excited to finish her CSG experience that was filled with opportunities for her as an intern, co-producing the CSG podcast, policy advisor, and various campaigns by helping Amanda and Saveri on their goals for CSG as their Chief of Staff. One of Miriam’s primary goals is empowering students of color on campus and not only encouraging the university to seek diversity but to fight for social justice. Outside of student government, Miriam is involved in a variety of professional and extra-curricular activities such as being a Grant Student Coordinator for Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs, working with Trotter Multicultural Center as their marketing and media assistant, singing with Gimble A Cappella, and volunteering at her church. In her free time, Miriam enjoys reading, spending time outside, and cooking with her roommates. If you have any questions about CSG or student life in general, feel free to reach out to her! She finds a lot of importance in student-student mentorship and would love to meet up and chat with you. 

Chief Programming Officer

Justin Williams (he/him/his) is a senior from Southfield, MI, studying Political Science and Psychology. Justin is proud to serve as the Chief Programming Officer (CPO), and is most excited to implement innovative programming. His three main goals as CPO are to continue making CSG more inclusive and accessible to students of color, bridge student communities across campus, and make new connections with other students. Justin is passionate about serving the community and making sure that all students on campus feel included and able to thrive at Michigan. Outside of CSG, Justin serves as the Vice President for the U-M Chapter of the NAACP and is a member on the student advisory board for Vice President of Student Life, Dr. Martino Harmon. Previously he has served as the Research and Education Chair for the Black Student Union and a mentor for various programs such as Support for Incoming Black Students (SIBS), Michigan Mentorship Matters, Wolverine Pathways and the Comprehensive Studies Program. In his downtime Justin enjoys listening to music, going for walks, and meditation/reflection.

Nithya Arun.JPG


Nithya Arun (she/her/hers) is a junior in the School of Public Health studying Community and Global Public Health. Nithya is passionate about listening to the narratives of all students on campus in order to create student-centered policy. Nithya also aims to work on projects that directly targets the social determinants of equity in order to dismantle barriers in access to academic achievement. Apart from CSG, Nithya is part of an organization called the South Asian American Health Initiative, that aims to promote health within the South Asian community through research, community education, and advocacy. She also spares time for the occasional Mindy Project binge. You can contact Nithya at arunni@umich.edu!


Eman Naga is a junior studying political science and law, justice, and social change. Besides her role on CSG, she is the volunteer coordinator for the Campaign to Reelect Chief Justice McCormack and a MiC Columnist for the Michigan Daily. As a transfer student herself, she sent out to become a deputy policy advisor for “non-traditional” students- transfer students, international students, student parents, etc. to help solve issues she noticed throughout her process transferring and her time on campus. She hopes to serve these students, especially amidst COVID-19, understanding that their difficulties are most likely different from their “traditional” colleagues. Feel free to contact her at enaga@umich.edu, she is eager to help you and will work hard to ensure your time at Michigan is equitable.

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10042019_Grace_006 (1).jpg


Grace Roberts (she/her/hers) is a junior studying Economics, Sociology, and Judaic Studies, with a concentration in Law, Justice, and Social Change. Within a few minutes of meeting her, Grace will almost definitely mention that she was born and raised in South Portland, Maine, and wants nothing more in this world than to help other people. After spending her sophomore year as the Policy Advisor on Issues of Title IX and Sustainability, Grace is excited to continue her work with CSG. She has worked in marine biological research and policy analysis, which has elevated her passion for climate protection and environmental justice. This year, she hopes to develop an off-campus composting program, prioritize parking for LEFE vehicles, and organize residence hall competitions to reduce energy and water consumption. Outside of CSG, Grace is a former team captain and current tournament director of Michigan Mock Trial, and she writes for the Michigan Journal of Economics. In her spare time, Grace pets dogs (or cats if there are any around), reads Wikipedia pages about sharks, and struggles to hear people out of her deaf ear. She loves meeting new people and encourages everyone to email her with any questions, ideas, or conversation starters that aren't about Maine (because she needs some). 


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