If you claim more than $1,000 in a semester from any source of CSG funding, you must complete the Bystander Intervention Training that we offer.


At least two authorized signers from your organization must complete it. If you only have one, your sole authorized signer must complete it.

Right now, we are working as quickly as we can to an online, asynchronous Bystander Intervention Training up and running. However, it is not ready yet. Therefore, before you claim an award from SOFC or WCG, you must complete this form agreeing to do it by the end of the semester (once it is available). At least two authorized signers must complete the form. Once we receive it, for SOFC awards, we will update your ticket noting that you have completed it.

Once we have the training ready, you will receive an email with instructions to complete it by the end of the semester (once it is available).

We are collecting this information and enforcing this requirement under the Director of the Student Organization Committee's authority under the CSG Compiled Code (Article VII, Section A, Subsection 4). 

If you receive funding before the training is ready and do not complete the training, we may take enforcement action against your organization, including but not limited to restrictions on receiving money in the future.

You can view more information about our various requirements at this page.

If you have any remaining questions or concerns after you review our policies linked above, please email